Wow. This is hard. Tell your life story in 350 words or less. Be funny. Be honest. Be short and to the point. Win friends. Influence people. Cut the national debt in half. Stop the threat of terrorism in my lifetime…..



It all began one dark and stormy night…. (Oh, wait. That’s been done, hasn’t it?)

Let me try again.

I’m a writer. I’m a wife. I’m a mom. I’m a nut. (Is that better?) Hmmm…. Big points for brevity and clarity. Some points for funny. But that still leaves the national debt issue hanging out there.

Okay, last chance…I'm an average person who likes to write. As a mom of six, parenting is my favorite topic (and probably the only thing I’m qualified to write about). I’ve written a story about a mom who journals for a year about her life and the joys and trials of parenting. Of course, NONE of the experiences of the fictional character, Sarah Ferguson, could ever even remotely be tied to me. (LOL as my kids would say.)

I've also written a play, some children's stories (which I hope to have published in 2008 or 2009) and lots of non-fiction articles. (See "Look What I've Done" for samples of my writing and a list of places where it has appeared.)

I graduated from Miami of Ohio in 1985 (at the age of 12!) with a degree in Marketing. I didn't do any writing though until my mid-thirties, and it was mostly humorous stories about life in a family of eight. (It was cheaper than therapy. Actually, it probably was therapy!) I was first published in 2001 and since then have written dozens of articles that have appeared in places as diverse as and European Homes and Gardens.

In our 22 years of marriage we have lived in 17 different places. (Instead of doing spring cleaning, I just move!) I've been a missionary in the Congo, a pastor's wife, (two things I told God I'd never do) and have lived on three continents. Obviously, there is no shortage of story material in my life. (You've never truly experienced shopping until you've been to a outdoor market where the cow's head is placed next to the beef!) I haven't won any awards yet, but do have the most important endorsement a mom could get. My youngest son Jordan said of me, "You're the best mom I've ever had!