WOW! The book I've been working on to some degree for the past eight or nine years is finally in print! If it weren't for my husband, Brent, it probably never would have seen the light of day as initially I wasn't very excited about the self-publishing route. But at some point when I thought about the hundreds (and possibly thousands) of hours that had gone into it, I decided to make it available to somebody other than my family.

You can order a copy through the publisher, AuthorHouse, or online through any major bookseller such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Borders.

To read an excerpt from All My Favorite Colors are Red click here.

Whispering In God's Ear Book

Additionally, I wrote a story several years ago for the book Whispering in God’s Eear—True Stories Inspiring Childlike Faith. It was compiled by Wayne Holmes and published in 2005 by Waterbrook Press.

For more details about that book visit AMAZON.COM (click here).