Being a writer can be a lonely profession full of rejection and disappointment. (And it gets even worse when people who you don’t know read your stuff!)

Knowing that I would face this, several years ago I set up a file and kept the positive comments I received. Some are from other writers or editors, and some are parents who were encouraged by my honesty about the joys and trials of parenthood.



You write very well, with ease and clarity.  Your storytelling skills are terrific.  I love your sense of humor and ability to poke fun at yourself.  Readers will love you!
Well, what can I say?  You at least tried…and you did a SUPER JOB!  Way to go!  Your story is perfect and will help round out my book and be an inspiration to new writers…  Thank you Barb for being a contributing author.
I read your stories last week just after my husband left for his trip.  I laughed!  I cried!  I was encouraged and so glad you had written your experiences down.  I shared the one about the billboard with Chad and we both were reminded of similar ways God has worked in our lives and how He will.  What an awesome God He is!  I liked the one too about the tomatoes.  I have been there too!
Wow.  That’s a powerful story, Barb.  Partly because you were so honest.  Partly because of the lesson learned.  Partly because of the analogy.  And partly because your neighbor didn’t just blow it all off—but somehow confirmed the depth of your sadness about the incident.  Thanks for sharing that with me.
Enjoyed your story immensely.  It made me smile (well, actually I laughed!) and I needed that.  This is the first story I’ve received from you, but please keep them coming!
This was a very nice way to end my day, with a smile!  What a cute story.  As I sat here reading it, I could just visualize the drama, which made me smile even more!  You are definitely a gifted writer as well as being passionate about it.  I believe those two combined make an awesome combination.
I read two of your stories last night and laughed out loud!  I loved both of them, but I especially like “And a Little Child Shall Lead Them.”  You have a great knack for storytelling with a very readable style.  I can easily visualize you and your family through these little episodes.
Your “been there, done that” stories of childrearing brought tears of laughter to this weary mother’s eyes.  Your stories have helped put these crazy toddler days into perspective and helped remind me they will pass all too quickly.  Look forward to more!